H: Me and The Band (John & The Ragmen) are heading up to Newcastle this Saturday for Evolution Emerging. We’re on in Cluny 2 at 8:30pm – be lovely to see you there! Big thanks to Simon from Sentric, Claire from NARC and Joe from Generator for tipping us in The Tipping Point‘s Evo Emerging preview… very kind of y’all!

The Tipping Point

We’ve asked some of our tippers, writers and media types to give us their top 5 tips for Evolution Emerging which kicks off this Saturday (24th May) and will see 40 artists play across 9 venues in Newcastle’s Ouseburn Valley.

‘I’ll be starting my evening with Screaming Maldini (winners of the Sentric Music slot!), a cheeky 15 minutes of International Departures followed by Gallery Circus who rather impressed me at Sound City the other week. Onwards to the utterly superb live act which is Vinyl Jacket before finishing my evening with Boy Jumps Ship. Then maybe a whisky. Maybe. I’m trying to watch my weight you see.’ Simon Pursehouse, Sentric Music

As usual, I’ll be strapping on my winged sandals for Evo this year, trying to catch as much as possible! I’ll start out at The Cluny for the ever-wonderful Crooked Hands, leg it up to the Cumberland…

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